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General Questions From The Public

Q. How Do I List A Vehicle For Sale?

1. Register on (Password will be send to your inbox or junk box)
2. Login with username and password.
3. Click ' Add A New Car' or 'Sell A Vehicle' and fill out the simple form.
4. Upload load images and click submit.
5. Go to User Profile and update your contact info.

Q. What To Do IF I've Forgotten My Password?

A. Simply head over to the password recovery tool and using your email address or username you will be able to retrieve/reset it.

Q. How much does it cost to advertise on ?.

A. The cost to advertise is $90 TTD

Q. How Do I Compare Vehicle Listings?

Underneath each car listing, there is a box that you can tick to add that specific car to a comparison table. When you have selected the cars you would like to compare, please click on ‘Compare Cars’ button at top of the page.

Q. What is the duration of an advertisement?.

A. The duration is 6 months or until the vehicle is sold, whichever one comes first.

Q. How do I place an advertisement with your site?.

A. We offer several options:

• You can fill out our vehicle submission form and then pay via a Secured online system using PAYPAL or your Credit Card.
• Come to us at one of our main locations. Monday – Saturday (9am-5pm).

Q. What is a featured advertisement?.

A. A featured advertisement is one that is placed on the home, listing and submit vehicle page independently from others thus providing greater coverage.

Q. Is there any additional cost for this featured ad?.

A. Yes, we charge an additional fee of $50 TTD and will remain for a period of 1 month.

Q. How can I remove an advertisement from your website?.

A. You can login to your account and "Mark Vehicle as Sold" or give us a call. You can also email us at and provide us with your name and vehicle number.

Q. What are the methods of payment?.

A. We provide the following methods of payment:

• Payment to our bank account, Republic Bank.
• Meet us in person from Monday to Friday (9am-4pm) Via our office.
• Secured Online Payment on our submit vehicle page. (PAYPAL and Credit Card). NB: An online processing fee of $10 TTD will apply and all online payments are made in US Dollars.

Q. Is my advertisement published on social media?.

A. Yes!, we will advertise your vehicle on our Facebook account, free of cost, giving you instant recognition.



Become a Vehicle Dealer!

To A Company Dealer !

Please note that we are quite different from all the rest, if you decide to list your vehicles with us you will never have to contact us to make changes to any listing.
Everything can be done by you by simply logging in and clicking edit an any vehicle listing, any day and time any amount of times.
All your vehicle listings will be under your dealership username and you will be able to add your contact info, email, facebook, phone number and company image.
Please contact us if you need more information.





Pay Via Bank, Office or Online Via Paypal

Register & Submit A Vehicle Video!

Advertise Your Vehicle Online

For Only 90 TT Until Sold! is a Local vehicle classifieds website where you can advertise your vehicle for Only 90$ Until Sold or find used cars for sale in Trinidad and Tobago. What makes us unique is that we give each user the ability to edit their vehicle ads any time 24/7, you can change any info eg. Vehicle price anytime without contacting us. We never flood our website with ads and our website is strictly only Vehicle adverts.
Vehicles are also promoted on our fanpage of over 32,000 Potential Buyers, we do this at no additional fee to our customers and it will yield even more exposure. So Don't be alarmed if Potential buyers may say they saw your ads on Facebook.

Featured Listings

For Only 120 TT for 7 days!

When we make your listings featured it stays on top or fixed above regular listings in the
Scrolling featured listings on the front page,
Front page,
Side bar of pages
and via some pages .
This can attract more attention to your vehicle listing.




PayPal Payment

Payment For Single & Unlimited Car Listings

Payment Via Bank

WhatsApp # : 264-6504 the bank receipt after payment.
Payable to :- Account Holder : 
Account Number : 480012746301
Bank Name & Branch : Republic Bank , Center City Branch. 



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