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Inappropriate and uncouth practices of MotorsTT

Inappropriate and uncouth practices of MotorsTT

To all our customers, We felt it necessary to warn all of our customers & followers about the inappropriate and uncouth practices of MotorsTT  using the title  Trini Cars for Sale | Trinidad & Tobago.

MotorsTT has been reposting vehicles listed on TriniMotors and other people’s vehicles for sale on their website without any permission from We have received numerous complaints and phone calls from our customers telling us that people are calling to find out about financing for their vehicles when no such arrangement was made.

We have also received numerous complaints from customers of other websites confusing for We are being scolded and blamed when we are not Motorstt. We want to warn everyone about these practices which are happening daily and also kindly ask that a second look be given before calling us to complain about the copying of their ads.

We are not in any way associated with and we kindly ask that a second look be given to which website the advertisements are being shown with financing options prior to contacting us as we cannot remove the listings ourselves from .

This has been happening for a while and we are actively trying our best to prevent it from happening but the factors are beyond our control. Motorstt has been copying your pictures and information right off our website and reposting it as their own.

They have been adding skeptical financing options to the advertisements among other false claims without permission.

Imagine Prices for a NISSAN B15 is 3000TT , Nissan Almera 5000TT, does that not look shady to you?

You can see they are cropping the logos from TriniCarsForSale images , Very Shady practices indeed.

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